Project Details
Web Development - Search Engine, Administration Database, and Learning Management System. Workforce Development Pilot


Barnor Law Engine is a membership platform to provide clear and easily accessible information for lawyers looking to qualify in the Ghanaian jurisdiction. Here you can find out about the entry requirements for the Post Call course offered by Ghana Law School, information on the structure of the Ghanaian Legal system, a handy online case index, and exclusive notes and exercises to help learners pass the Post Call course.

Workforce Development Use Case:

This project also incorporated an experimental pilot for a local workforce development program. Given the low budget of the client for the highly technical web app solution, all parties agreed to lengthen the timeline to test this model that allowed both parties to benefit from more affordable web development talent.


  • Hired two recent graduates from local training programs (Project Z and General Assembly) seeking transitionary employment opportunities.
  • The project manager (Justin) oversaw the project deliverables and client relationship, looping in developers on the team as appropriate or desired.
  • The project manager also handled the proposal writing, contract negotiations, scope of work, client correspondence, and oversight of deliverables including task management and expectation setting.
  • A technical advisor was hired to facilitate weekly check-ins with each worker to review their work with feedback and Q&A.


  • Upon completion of the project scope, both contract workers had acquired high paying jobs in their field as Software Engineers – for the Washington Post and Chamber of Commerce.
  • Two of the workers cited the project opportunity as being instrumental in landing their new full-time positions, due to the ability to speak to the direct skills and experience gained, as well as the direct recommendation and reference provided to the prospective employer.
  • Skills Utilized for the project included HTML/CSS/JavaScript, GitHub and WordPress, Node.js/React, collaboration and “soft skills”.