Project Details
Community Stewardship, Co-op Advocacy, Digital Services

The DC Cooperatives Newsletter is a volunteer project I have stewarded since 2018. Its primary purpose is to help promote co-op ecosystem awareness in the DC area. I continue to create new issues on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis.

In 2022, I worked with fellow cooperator Ajoke Williams on a pilot initiative to test a paid sponsorship subscription model that enabled additional content creators and editors to be paid for their work on the monthly newsletter. 

In this configuration, I provided the technical training and digital services support necessary under the umbrella of CrowdWork DC. Ajoke provided the necessary backend invoicing and payment collection and processing for interfacing with contract Newsletter Editors and Social Media Content Producers through Guilded.

The pilot was successful in many ways but did not offer a viable long-term solution to make the newsletter more sustainable than when it was volunteer supported.

A full debrief of the pilot can be found here: